MAY 14, 2021

How about entertaining, educating and detecting learning disabilities in a child all at the same time with a revolutionary app that lets them EARN while they LEARN?!

That’s right. Use your child’s device time to grow their brains while detecting potential learning disorders…it’s really a no-brainer! More

BEAUMONT, Texas, May 14, 2021 - Bizz dot Buzz, LLC - Electronic devices are one of the biggest pain points for Parents today. There are solutions that lock down devices, or apps that provide kid friendly content. But there isn’t anything that provides parental control, education inside their favorite entertainment, responsibility building, disability detection and so much more in one easy to use product for an entire family…until now!

Bizz dot Buzz, LLC, the creator of BrainerKids is announcing the launch, May 19th, of this revolutionary application through the Google PlayStore that every parent of a three - eleven year old child should download immediately.

The fundamentals are Learn, Reward, Detect, Correct.

BrainerKids gives a parent the ability to create and drive their child’s learning at home around the content they are so eager to engage with daily. You set the amount of time, you set the the time of day, you allow which device: theirs or yours.

BrainerKids uses our friendly bee, Earne B, your child’s new Best-Buzzy to walk them through an educational journey - earning points. They learn. They earn points. They spend points to either unlock more screen time or one of three incentive apps their parents pre-set to be unlocked for only 30 minutes at a time.

BrainerKids Child Experience: Watch a YouTube video and three minutes later, a question appears and the faster they answer it correctly, the faster they return to their game, then return to another video. When the child completes each fun, challenging lesson, they earn points to unlock more screen time or to purchase kid-friendly products in our BrainerKids marketplace. But there’s more….the lessons include modules developed by our team of experts designed to help the parent detect learning disabilities, including color-blindness, and correct learning barriers.

For more information please contact:
Shane McFarland @ 409-454-2119